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Innovative Event Design and Facilitation

Bring innovation to your events

From earth-conscious events to zero waste gatherings, we can help you design the most engaging and innovative events and meetings, online and offline.
Whether you wish to gather your team for a retreat or you wish to host a 1000+ participant conference, our team can help you design an extraordinary experience for everyone involved - and in a responsible way. 
A designed experience flows like a river, pausing and at times rushing forwards, but always with rhythm and a guiding purpose. Our event design work is focused on intentionality and flow - taking participants on a journey with clear take-aways. Thanks to our partners and remote work, we have mastered the online space as well as we master the offline experiences. More on the most recent learnings shared by our co-founder Bistra Kumbaroska here.
Events we have hosted, designed, moderated or organized include:
- International Civil Society Week / Virtual 2021
- Social Impact Award N. Macedonia 2020
- Innovation for Change - International Retreat 2019
- International Civil Society Week 2019
- Western Balkans Impact Day 2018
Our services include:
  • Experience and event design
  • Participants Journey Mapping
  • Agenda building and management
  • Selection and preparation of speakers and moderators
  • Event delivery
  • Event follow-up
Join us at our upcoming events:
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