Heartbeats Innovation & Communication - Creating value the responsible way. Email:  office@weareheartbeats.com

We use a carefully chosen set of methodologies and approaches.

We combine a special set of approaches in order to bring empathy, sense-making and a prototyping mindset to inpsire responsible business.

We are problem-solvers and community builders, we work with diverse stakeholders, joining efforts through values of purpose, empathy, system-approach and resilience. Wether we do ideation or communication, our process-driven method supports and narnesses your most valuable assets.
With valuabe assets we mean your people: your employees, your customers, your users, beneficiaries, your partners.  We help you with a set of services to work and communicate with them in more productive ways, to make change happen. 
In order to do so, we use a carefully chosen set of methodologies.