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Manifesto: what we believe in and what we work for.

Intentions, missions, visions and values are not always obvious, tangible or palpable things. On this page, we try to put some of those ambiguous and evolving dimensions behind Heartbeats Innovation & Communication - in a shape that is clear and concise. This is our WHY, our initial WHY, our evolved WHY and our always questioning WHY.
We call it "The Responsibility Manifesto".
In case you wonder, Heartbeats Innovation & Communication started like almost everything else in this world: as a dream. It was voiced out in 2015 for the first time while drinking a Melange in one of Vienna's inspiring coffee houses. It had no name back then, but as they say: "In dreams begins responsibility".
So here we are today, standing for the world we dream of.

The world is transforming rapidly, in ways we cannot always predict or imagine. Businesses, institutions, communities and individuals face challenges and limitations that require a new mindset of thinking and action. The habits you build to survive will not serve you when it’s time to prosper. To remain competitive, it is no longer sufficient to "do business as usual" or merely report and communicate your sustainability or CSR efforts. The ways of doing good and doing well require deeper connections to the core of your work, as well as a new level of understanding the broader community your work serves.


Change used to be a cyclical process that occurred inside an organisation every one to two years based on a top-down directive from leadership. We lead transformations as a continuous, non-linear and complex reality - no longer something organisations do but rather “a way of being”.

1. We don't manage change, we lead transformation

Transformation requires great leadership.

We believe that WeQ is more than IQ.

Leadership is taking responsibility for all things you influence with your actions. 

2. WeQ is more than IQ 

We believe that life is not an individual pursuit. It’s something we do with each other. Collaboration and co-creation are one of the central and underlying characteristics of everything we do. We believe that all problems are solvable, recognizing that the solutions can be found in people and relationships. In the face of rapid change, organisations and businesses react and defend or they adapt and thrive. There is no middle ground. It’s a people-powered ecosystem, with co-creation and collaboration in the centre of it. We thrive to develop a collective intelligence that brings together all elements of your value chain, not forgetting of the broader ecosystem your work serves.

Healthy individuals or systems are one of the greatest goals throughout the history of humankind.

3. Leadership is responsibility, 

not power

The first and greatest courage in life is the courage to take responsibility for your own life and actions. Management today demands that we adopt an outside-in view, and invest in new and accelerated leadership and learning models that prioritise engagement with our employees and other relevant stakeholders. Knowing your customer is not the only thing you need to figure out. Whether you run a company or a marathon, you need the awareness, thinking capability and caring capacity for all things you influence with your actions.


A truly responsible business offers a new and strategic approach to doing business that holistically integrates responsibility into all aspects of an organisation, allowing for returns at every level, business and social. That’s what we consider “leadership at its best.”

4. Vitality over all

It’s the power giving continuance to life, present in all living things. Healthy individuals or systems are one of the greatest goals throughout the history of Planet Earth. However, as Gregory Bateson wrote, “The major problems of the world are the result of the difference between the way nature works [including humans] and the way people think [and therefore act].”


Our definition of responsibility is working the way nature and humans work when they are living to their full potential in an ecosystem and contributing to its evolution. Your ability to embed responsible business practice into your work will develop, increasing the vitality of social and planetary systems, alongside growing your business — all with consciousness and good conscience.

We believe that the work of equity is to create the conditions that enable

just and fair inclusion

We combine meaning

and fun

We believe that the work of equity is to create the conditions that enable just and fair inclusion into a society, company, organisation or system in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. As simple, straightforward, and intuitive as it may sounds, just and fair inclusion for all — regardless of race, gender, ability, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation— doesn’t just “happen”. Even with the best of intentions, it is not inevitable. That is why in whatever we do, the team of Heartbeats Innovation & Communication purposefully brings an equity lens to seek out, recognize, and bring equity to life.

5. Equity instead of equality

We are living one of the phases of strongest economic growth in history, with unimaginable innovation and production capacity. However, we also live in an era of unprecedented inequality. A major part of the world's population feels it has been left "out", because they don't have the intellectual and material means, to participate systematically in the positive transformation of their neighbourhoods, communities, companies, organisations or countries.

6. Joy is the engine of growth

In Heartbeats Innovation & Communication, we exploit the liberty in casting our work as beautiful iterations, experiments, attempts, trials, and errors. Not everything we do develops with the best possible result, but everything we do takes us and our clients on a journey we enjoy and learn.


We combine meaning and fun, to create experiences that drive transformation and we put a little sparkle of joy wherever we can!

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