The new DIY toolkit for startups and SMEs

A small box sets off to change the world

Have you ever had the feeling you want to do something to make this world a better place? Yes? Us too. That's why we started the project "goodbizbox", a funny name that holds a big purpose which we hope to achieve with you - and many others -  together.
But first things first. Allow us to introduce our latest Heartbeats project by answering the most important questions:
good-biz-box are three words that play a key role in our DIY toolkit for responsible businesses.
  • good meaning: regenerative, bountiful, fertile, attractive, profitable and wholesome
  • biz standing for: business, venture, start-up or any kind of system that creates, delivers and captures value 
  • box meaning: frameworks, step-by-step toolkits, easy-to-use tips and tricks placed in a physical box
Any similarities to beatbox or kickbox are merely coincidental and our goodbizbox will not teach you any of that ;) 
Responsibility is not anymore just a “thing we should do” but the new norm for any individual, business or community.
Whilst the services of Heartbeats Innovation & Communication focus on working with existing businesses, the goodbizbox will provide a professional DIY tool kit for entrepreneurs who wish to develop responsible businesses but do not have the know-how or financial resources. The box will cost between 70-100EUR and will provide a simplified process for building a business in a responsible, regenerative and sustainable way. This way, we aim to contribute to “planting the seeds” for a better future. 
The goodbizbox is a physical box that will be available on chosen sales channels, online and offline. It will include everything that is needed to follow the instructions: a set of pens, post-its, dice, paper for notes and other tools that support a gamified process.
Content and process are currently being developed with a specially chosen team from different backgrounds and will be based on frameworks and models such as:
  • Responsible Business framework by Carol Sanford
  • Ecosystem Building Model by Koleti
  • Design Thinking principles
  • C. S. Holling panarchy, Edgar Schein and Otto Sharman models and theories
Together, with international innovation experts, academics and experienced entrepreneurs from US, Australia, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, Africa and more, we are designing a unique process that guides users in a few-steps-process to set up their businesses in a responsible way. 
BECOME PART OF goodbizbox
The goodbizbox lives from the diverse contribution of many individuals that believe in a better world. We already had our first successful workshop with experts in the field of innovation, Planet Earth, collaboration and communication (see photo gallery). Together, we took the first - very inspiring - steps but there is many left to go. Currently, we are planning our next workshops and are looking for:
1. Experts and partners in Co-creation and Community. 
2. Experts and partners in Diversity Management and Gender Mainstreaming
We are also happy to test the goodbizbox with entrepreneurs of all stages, ages and sizes. If you are interested, get in touch!

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