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Ecosystem Approach

Our Ecosystem Approach supports systems to share, grow and change

Responsible innovation and/or communication never happen in a vacuum.
Innovation, as well as communication, require connections, touchpoints and understanding among key stakeholders — whether entrepreneurs, universities, risk capital providers, government, large corporations or others.
With our ecosystem approach, we are able to map all relevant stakeholders in your work field and enable connections that are increasingly valuable and relevant to your business.
How can leaders harness the power of these open innovation ecosystems around the globe or in a specific region of interest for their organisations?
  • For international organisations or businesses, governmental bodies or leaders to map and build strategies around the development of a certain region
  • Companies to find talent, ideas and entrepreneurial ventures
  • For understanding all the stakeholders and best ways to engage with them.
  • Communication, Content & Marketing
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Innovation and Pioneering
  • Book a speaker
If you are a business or government leader interested in engaging in an innovation ecosystem to find talent, ideas, and entrepreneurial ventures, Heartbeat Strategies can support you.
We provide you with the tools and frameworks necessary to take externally focused innovation and entrepreneurship activities to the next level at your organisation.
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