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Transcreation Approach

Transcreation = translation + creation. For all your stakeholders.

Transcreation is an approach deducted from translation in order to adapt the translation to diverse target groups by considering culture difference and circumstances influencing those target groups.
Let's look at an example: Imagine you ask five of your stakeholders - a foreign supplier, a finance director, a CS agent and a new customer - to write down the impact of your business in one sentence. 
Would they all use the same words? Most likely not.
And this is where Transcreation comes in: Whilst a translator would provide you with the best 1:1 translation and an advertising expert with one powerful message, Transcreation uses the natural given diversity between different stakeholders for its advantage. 
Transcreation tailors the messages for each stakeholder individually and makes sure that everyone gets the right message at the right time.
We use a specific set-up for the Transcreation process​:
1. We always start with a Creative Brief and use studies and field results of local Market research. For example, if you operate in different markets, we would use studies from those markets in order to understand your stakeholders' needs better.
  • Internal communication strategies
  • Marketing campaigns that target a market abroad
  • Internal and external impact communication
  • Leadership strategies 
  • CSR, CSV and Human Centred Design strategies
  • Launch of business, innovation, new product, new service etc. 
  • Communication, Content & Marketing
  • Capacity and Skill Building
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Innovation and Pioneering
  • Delivery and co-delivery
  • Book a speaker
2. We only work with writers, as transcreational content needs high profile empathy and storytelling skills.
3. We work with local experts to understand everyone's needs as best as possible (if different cultures need to be covered).
4. Our transcreation process involves look and feel - meaning we look at the greater picture and ensure that all levels of communication are covered (images, meaning of colours, audio, etc.)
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