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Communicate your impact with Human Centred Communication

Communication is not anymore about tranferring one message. It's about how you to make everyone that is in touch with you or your business to part of your story. That's where Human Centred Communication helps.

Have you ever took a moment to think about how impactuful communication actually can be? 
Not only yours, not only from experts but every single communication - like a chat beween father and son, between friends or the guy you just met on a plane? 
We from Hearbeat Strategies strongly believe that the impact of communication is almost beyond measure.
What would be the biggest social innovation without being understood? What would be the greatest high-tech procdut without being promoted? Or what would be the best business idea without your own team not living it? It wouldn't be seen. It wouldn't be heard. It wouldn't be used. And it wouldn't change a thing.
This is why Heartbeat Strategeis puts an equally strong focus on Communciation as well as any other services we are happy to provide you with.

How does Human Centred Communication work?

Human Centred Communication is based on the techique of Design Thinking - another approach of Heartbeat Strategies (here you can found out more).
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For our communiction approach this means that we not only put your product, service etc. in the focus but even more the human, his/her needs, his/her (shopping) behaviors. 
Based on that know-how we develope communication concepts  that pick up your customers(-to-be) or members(-to-be) where their need for your product/service starts to develop. This way you become part of their story and the other way round

We like to think forward - also for your communication impact.

If you had a look at our Manifesto you already understand that we believe that every business/organisation has the power to change and influence a system - and that's our duty and honour to take over this responisbilty but also for all other stakeholders involved (more info you find here.
We aim to assign the approach of Human Centred Communication to all your stakeholders, not to your customers or clients. In order to do say we use an approach called Transcreation (click here for more info) which allows us to inculde stakeholders in our strategies and concepts that might not have been considered before.
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