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Content Marketing: Strategy and Content Plan

Let Content Marketing do the work

Nowadays, content marketing has a proven track record of success for any kind of business or organisation. Not only it is the only tool that can help your brand to stand out in the fast growing digital world but believe it or not, it can also do a lot of work for you - under 2 conditions:
  1. You need to pre-define what (business) goals you are working towards with Content Marketing.
  2. At the start, you have to invest time and resources to set up a Content Marketing Strategy and Content Plan. 
With a Content Strategy and a Content Plan in place, you make sure that the right person gets the right message at the right channel & at the right time.
At Heartbeats InCo, we will not ​push you to only invest in the latest trends. We make sure, step by step, that you move from a Content Strategy into an easy-to-implement Content Plan, all based on your goals and resources. Most importantly, always in consideration of Responsible - and Impact Communication which is crucial in order to sustain your business or organisation, and to contribute to a better world.
We are happy to work with you on
  • Storytelling and how to find the right content for your brand based on Human Centred Design

  • Target Persona profiles based on Target Persona questionnaire

  • On-Site SEO for all content created

  • Brand Voice and Visual Identity

  • Social Media Marketing and how to find the right channels 

  • Content Strategy for up to 3 years, based on all the above

  • Content Plan for up to 2 years, based on the Strategy

We can work with you on Content Marketing in following formats

  • Individual Consulting (off- and online)

  • Workshops

  • Academies

  • Toolkits

  • Implementation after Content Plan creation

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We don't offer fixed prices - simply because every partnership or collaboration is different.
In our prices we consider the size of the company, tasks and timeline - let's have a chat, so we can provide you with a personal offer!
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