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Impact Management

How to become an Impact Innovator

Impact management is a continuous process, a continuous loop of understanding people and the planet, setting financial and social goals. You also have to define intentions and constraints, in order to be able to deliver and improve impact. We can support you with all of that - at any stage in developing strategies that bring responsibility and “doing good” in the core of your business.

In a world full of possibilities, a clear strategy around your impact is key. Clear strategy around IMPACT often means defining what is part of your strategy but also defining what is not.

We act as an expert advisor, a critical friend and an ongoing support, keeping you focused on your desired outcome and objective. Working with us is an opportunity to access specialist capabilities from expert teams that help you navigate and harness the valuable design tools, methods and approaches available. Also, we make sure your impact management strategy is something your employees and broader ecosystem stand behind and understand well.

"Doing good" and "doing well" has never been easier - give it a try!

If you feel ready for Impact Management, here is how we can help:

  • Defining your impact
  • Articulating your impact

  • Setting up impact measurement systems

  • Introducing new work flow models

  • Encouraging purpose-driven intrapreneurship

For Impact Management we offer following formats:
  • Individual consulting (online or in-person)
  • Internal workshops
  • Impact academies
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We don't offer fixed prices - simply because every partnership or collaboration is different.
In our prices we consider the size of the company, tasks and timeline - let's have a chat, so we can provide you with a personal offer!
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