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Impact Communication

Make your Impact visible to others

In the course of the last few years, the words “impact”, “social economy”, “shared economy”, “corporate responsibility” or “sustainability” have transitioned out of the silos and into the mainstream. 

Whilst  Corporate social responsibility (or CSR) is becoming systemic and vital for businesses in all industries and sectors, even small and mid-sized companies are searching for ways to embed social good within their work...


… and communicate it!


Impact Communication is the new trend for all kind of businesses - but also the most complex form of communication.

No surprise, that Impact Communication has become the new trend in communication. However, as fast as its popularity grows, as fast it can backfire - specially if a brand's communication slides into Greenwashingoften without noticing.

Long story short: Communicating your impact is not only about finding good stories around your impact. It is much more complex than that, but with the right approach, it can grow into the most powerful form of communication.

We are supporting you in the 3 crucial phases of Impact Communication
  • Understanding your Impact based on certified models. 

  • Measuring your Impact, based and market requirements - also see our service Impact Management

  • Articulating your Impact based on your stakeholders' needs

We can work with you on Impact Communication in following formats

  • Individual Consulting (offline and online)

  • Workshops

  • Webinar 

  • Implementation after Strategy creation

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We don't offer fixed prices - simply because every partnership or collaboration is different.
In our prices we consider the size of the company, tasks and timeline - let's have a chat, so we can provide you with a personal offer!
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